Essential works will shortly commence at Hazleton Common.

Prior Notice

Essential works will shortly commence at Hazleton Common.

Pylons need to be replaced in order to maintain a reliable power supply to the parish.

Unfortunately, whilst disruption will be kept to a minimum the work being undertaken by SSEN is significant.

The site is a designated Local Nature Reserve and therefore the greatest of care will be exercised given the sensitivity of the area.

The planned schedule of work has been approved and will be monitored by an onsite ecologist commissioned by SSEN.

Tender Notification - Jubilee Play Area

Horndean Parish Council is seeking a contractor to replace/repair the play equipment, and undertake associated works at Jubilee Play Area.

Details regarding the project and tender submission can be found on:
Contracts Finder website

Parish Council News and Public Meeting Info

January 2024

First Steps on the Horndean Green Trail and Heritage Network

During December, we received notification that the bid for S106 monies, to complete the Initiation Phase of our Green Trail and Heritage Network had been successful. In the wake of that confirmation, we were delighted to be able to host a visit from two East Hants District Council Cabinet members, Cllr Rob Mocatta – Portfolio Holder for Regeneration and Prosperity and Cllr Adeel Shah – Portfolio Holder for Community Engagement and Development. We were joined by local EHDC Councillor David Evans and by Lisa Clements and Daniel Jessop of the EHDC Community Development Team, who have all helped to get us this far.


Pictured from left to right:
EHDC CllrRob Mocatta, EHDC Cllr David Evans, EHDC Cllr Adeel Shah, HPC Cllr Andy Redding, HPC Cllr Simon Freeman, HPC Cllr John Lay, Lisa Clements EHDC Community Development Officer, Daniel Jessop, EHDC Community Development Officer

HPC Councillors John Lay (Chairman) and fellow Councillors Simon Freeman (Chairman Grounds Committee) and Andy Redding (Vice Chairman Grounds Committee) used the occasion to introduce our visitors to the scope of the project, our progress to date and the next steps and to take them along a less rural stretch of the route, starting from the Village centre – albeit one that included part of the Monarch’s Way and Dell Piece and Hazleton Common Nature Reserves.


The final Green Trail and Heritage Network will encompass large swathes of our countryside, as well as the village centre and will eventually extend to include related trails, loops and spurs to:

• access areas of natural and heritage interest
• create sub loops as the project progresses
• connect to existing paths (local and long distance)
• link both existing parts of Horndean and new developments
• embrace pubs, restaurants and businesses across Horndean
• increase cohesion and community spirit
The route of the initial phase has been drawn by our appointed consultants Urban Place Lab (who have supported Whitehill and Bordon on a similar, very successful project) and is shown below.



• The aims and objectives of this project will provide Opportunities for fitness and recreation
• Lifelong learning, through information boards and QR codes to educational websites
• Encourage residents to stay local
• Promote walking or cycling instead of driving
• Reduce Carbon Emissions and the use of vehicles for short journeys
• Bringing existing Rights of Way back to a good, accessible standard
• Make Horndean’s natural and heritage assets including the Nature Reserves and SINCs available to all





Don't miss your chance to have your say on the future of Horndean!

A Local Plan is a crucial planning document that provides a vision for creating sustainable development in the district as well as proposed sites and planning policies. It spells out how much development is needed, proposes places where it may go and what business sites are required.

East Hampshire District Council’s Local Plan is considered so important that it sent the plan out in draft form before Christmas.
On 10th January EHDC's Planning Policy Committee agreed that they would launch the plan in its final version for public consultation. This period began on 27th January

Please have a look at details and provide feedback, not least because the Local Plan includes over 400 additional houses in the Horndean Parish Council area, over and above the developments East of Horndean. This will be your chance to have your say. The plan and consultation can be found at:
Recent examples of vandalism across Horndean have emphasised the importance of getting this initiative under way.

Vandals Will Cost Community Initiatives Dearly 

It is regrettable to inform our residents that Horndean Parish Council have again been a target of serious vandalism, resulting in 4 smashed panes of glass to the Council building at Jubilee. The incident will be reported to the Police and the CCTV will be examined. The result of this vandalism is expected to be costly, due to the size and number of panes of glass that need replacing.
If anyone has any information or were witness to this incident, please contact the Police on 101/online, or contact Horndean Parish Council on, Tel: 02392 597766 and leave a message, or email:
It's such a shame that the majority of our residents, who will benefit from the initiatives that the Parish Council are leading will have to bear the brunt of the costs through the Council Tax precept, because of mindless vandalism. We will do our best to ensure that we manage the eventual costs, knowing that it is public money that is being spent.
Jubilee Hall isn’t the only target of this type of attack, with the local Spar on Catherington Lane, suffering from a similar attack.


Further afield, a Hampshire County Council Gritting Lorry was also attacked and this could have resulted in serious injury or even a death! For more information, please see


Horndean Neighbourhood Improvement Project Begins to Take Shape

HPC Chairman John Lay, took the opportunity offered by the Green Trail and Heritage Network visit to also tell the visiting EHDC Cabinet Members of another significant initiative– the Horndean Neighbourhood Improvement Project.
HPC will be founder members of the new Forum and our aim is to work with other Stakeholders and Partners to identify and deal with a range of potential improvements to Horndean. The aim of this project is to help make Horndean better cared for and more attractive to residents, visitors and business.
By cooperating working with others, we hope to coordinate efforts, so that they complement each other to boost the effectiveness of all the members of the Forum, currently working independently.
To get things underway, the Chairman of the HPC Working Party, Cllr Derek Prosser, met with Ron Hammerton of the Horndean Protection Group (which is also a founder member), to agree the initial steps and to initiate the process of inviting other organisations to join the Forum.
He also offered the Working Party’s assistance to the Forum in providing limited advisory and secretarial services, to help the Forum establish itself.


Next Meetings of Committees and Council 

• Parish Council - on 12 February 2024 – Including: Meet the local Policing Team and hear their views and plans for Neighbourhood Policing in Horndean
• Planning Committee – on 5th February
• Planning Committee – on 26th February 2024


Emergency First Aid Awareness Training

First Aid Training

Horndean Parish Council will be facilitating two Emergency First Aid Awareness sessions at Jubilee Hall, run by an Advanced First Aider from St John Ambulance. The sessions will be free to attend and open to residents of Horndean and members of the public. 

If you want to book a space please email or telephone 02392 597766.



EHDC Local Plan Consultation

EHDC's Local Plan consultation starts today.

The consultation itself can be found online through the link

Carol Service 2023

 Thank you for joining us on our annual Carol Service on Tuesday 12 December. The evening was well attended and the weather was kind to us. We had a surprise visit from Father Christmas, which created smiles on many children's faces. Thank you to Blendworth Brass Band, Sound Advice AV Installations, the local Churches and our solo vocalist, Anna Keefe from HTC for their contribution to the service. Hounds for Heroes Charity was generously supported, thanks to the residents of Horndean. The total amount raised was £295.38.


Members of the Parish Council would like to wish you a very Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year.






Horndean Remembrance Day Service & Parade 2023

The service was well attended and the weather remained dry. The parade from the Scout Hut was supported by several local organisations, led by the Horndean Marching Band and Parade Marshall G J Griffin to the Memorial Square.

The Revd. Joy Windsor led the Service along with support from Mike Williams and young people reading prayers. Several organisations laid wreaths, and Blendworth Brass Band accompanied whilst the people of Horndean were able to pay their respects.




Jubilee Junior Play Area



13 September 2023

The main structure of the play area has now been assessed as unlikely to be salvageable due to the level of decay present in the supporting timbers. Unfortunately, the zip wire will need to be removed in its entirety as beyond repair.

Please be assured the Parish Council will be considering the way forward, and will have a plan of action as soon as possible, but the timescale depends on many factors not least the availability of our contractors.

It is extremely disappointing for our residents as this is a popular play park, which in reality will not be operational until next year.

Updates will follow in due course.


Unfortunately safety issues concerning the wooden structures/play equipment within the junior play area have been identified, and therefore sadly we have no alternative but to close the area for the foreseeable future.

We do appreciate that this is extremely disappointing, particularly during the school holidays. However, safety must remain our first priority, please be assured that we will make every effort to ensure that the play area is reopened as soon as the extensive repairs have been completed.
Jubilee Closure Photo 



Councillor Vacancy


These vacancies will be filled by co-option at a meeting of the Council.

An application should, in the first instance, be made to the Chief Officer,
Mrs Carla Baverstock-Jones
Horndean Parish Council
Jubilee Hall,
Crouch Lane
P08 9SU
Tel: 02392 597766

Please contact the office for an information pack.

become a councillor




People from all backgrounds and experiences who are passionate about their local area can put themselves forward.

HORNDEAN PARISH COUNCIL is urging enthusiastic and engaged members of the community who want to make a long-lasting change, have innovative ideas or have concerns about a specific issue to stand as councillors for the opportunity to make a real difference.

The work is exciting and rewarding. An integral part of a councillor's role is engaging with local people, groups, and businesses to determine their needs, making decisions on the services and projects the council should take forward, and getting involved to ensure services meet the community's needs.

Find out more about and how to become a councillor:

become a councillor

Next Meetings

Full Parish Council Meeting

11 Mar 24 - 19:00

Planning & Public Services Committee

18 Mar 24 - 19:00

Grounds Committee

25 Mar 24 - 19:00

Planning & Public Services Committee

8 Apr 24 - 19:00

A Fresh Start for Horndean Parish Council

Following the May 2023 Local elections, we have said farewell to a number of Councillors, including our former Chair, Lynn Evans, who retired after 13 years’ service. We therefore have a new Chair - John Lay - and Vice Chair - Elaine Tickell - who are heading up our group of 7 Councillors, as we make a fresh start.

We plan to engage with everyone. We will listen to, cooperate and collaborate with residents, traders, other organisations and with councillors from other tiers of government to deliver the best outcomes for everyone living, working or studying in Horndean.

This approach is epitomised by a project that is currently getting off the ground and which should see the creation of a Green Trail and Heritage Network around Horndean. We are already working with - and gaining support from - runners, cyclists, East Hants District Council, local businesses, developers of the Land East of Horndean (LEOH) and more. We already have exciting ideas for this project, but are keen to see it further shaped and developed by our community.

Other projects that we are busy with include helping to shape the LEOH development, installation of solar panels to cut our costs and reduce our environmental impact and refreshing the Five Heads Play Area - part of the ongoing cycle of refreshment of play areas and, in this case, supported by EHDC.

Ongoing work includes these play areas, open spaces (from tiny green patches to football pitches, woodland, local nature reserves and Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation), looking after the Napier and Jubilee Halls and the very popular Remembrance Day and Christmas events.

Your enthusiastic Councillors are working to improve our engagement, cooperation and achievements. We would love to hear from you - whether you would like to give your view or if you might be interested in working with us, either as a partner or maybe even as a councillor - we have several vacancies.

Cllr John Lay
Chairman of Horndean Parish Council.

Please get in touch to find out more:
Carla Baverstock-Jones
Chief Officer
Horndean Parish Council
Tel: 02392 597766

Vandalism & Anti-Social Behaviour and how to report these issues

Horndean Parish Council Vandalism on Sites.


The Parish Council owns and maintains a number of open spaces, parks and play areas for use end enjoyment by the community. As a Parish we are lucky to have access to such a large amount and variety of leisure and recreation areas. They range from a Site of Special Scientific Interest at Catherington Down, to Local Nature reserves, to parks, to playing fields and play areas. Here is a link to what is available for community use: Council Facilities

Some areas will be used by all age groups but other areas have a specific focus particularly with regard to the age of the intended user. What is important is that everyone does have access to the leisure areas and that they should be used appropriately.

There are a small minority of teenagers whose behaviour is antisocial and who are causing a lot of damage, leaving litter/ debris/ broken glass in the areas where they congregate and deterring others from using an area. There is a cost to the residents in having to deal with the aftermath of their behaviour.

Firstly, the staff time in the Parish Office as each incident has to be reported separately in order to get a crime reference number. Then, arrangements have to be made for repairs and replacement items.

Secondly, the time of the Countryside Team who carry out a lot of repairs in-house but who also clear up litter, broken glass and evidence of drug use.

Lastly, there is the actual cost to the Parish of repairs having to be carried out. These are a sample of the costs at Jubilee Hall since January of this year:-
1. In January, a bench was set alight and destroyed beyond repair. The replacement cost was £550 plus vat plus the time of the Countryside Team in carrying out the replacement of the bench.
2. In February, a window was broken that cost £179 plus vat to replace.
3. In March, the outside toilet was vandalised. There were minor sundry costs but the major cost was the replacement of the door that had been pulled off its hinges- £248.
4. In April, a floor to ceiling window in the reception area was smashed whilst a Council meeting was in progress. The quote for the replacement window is £848 plus vat.

These costs are paid by the residents through the precept paid by each household. A band D property pays £76.42 per annum.

Most incidents are captured on CCTV. Where teenagers are identified, contact is made with their parents. In respect of item 3 above, the two teenagers involved were sitting outside on the grass whilst the CCTV footage was being viewed. It would be appropriate for their parents to step forward and reimburse the repair costs.

A selection of other incidents and the site where it occurred:-
5. Damage to the gates from Stonechat Road and also Avocet Way onto Jubilee Field.
6. Numerous cases of graffiti at the toddlers play area, Jubilee Hall. The wooden monkey on the pod and the steps are regularly broken off. There is continual evidence of drug use within this area. The teenagers congregate in the toddler area. This prevents use by those aged 10 and under for whom it is intended.
7. Fires are lit around the Jubilee Hall and Five Heads sites. On one known occasion at Jubilee hall, deodorant cans were thrown onto a fire with the resultant explosion.
8. Broken glass and litter at Jubilee Hall, Five Heads Recreation Ground and Deep Dell- off Hazleton Way.
9. Litter at Jays Close.
10. The riding of motor bikes and scooters without helmets on the grass at Jubilee Hall and on Catherington Lane.
11. One of the older boys dropping his trousers and pressing up against a window whilst a meeting was taking place at Jubilee Hall.
12. One of the most frightening incidents took place at Deep Dell on an afternoon earlier this month. 12-15 male teenagers were drinking, swearing, weaving around on electric scooters, throwing around temporary barriers and trying to break playground equipment. All this whilst young children and their parents were present.

These teenagers are easily identifiable. They are always present. They are captured on CCTV. They probably attend local schools. They live amongst us. On each site and on each occasion, there is probably someone present who knows who they are. That includes their peer group. It could be their parents. Please report who and what you see to the police on 101 or online: Hampshire Police- Report a crime but also to the Parish Office via email: Dealing with this problem is a community effort.

Precept for 2023/2024
We have received comments about the rise in the Precept for 23/24. This article, seeks to explain why it has risen and why we feel it is justified. I don’t apologise for the length of the explanation – it is a complex subject.

Cllr Lynn Evans Chairman HPC

The precept enables a Parish Council to fulfil all its aims and duties.

In Horndean we have over 150 acres of land which we own or manage for the benefit of residents and the wildlife which inhabits the land. The majority is owned and includes five Local Nature Reserves one of which is a Site of Special Scientific Interest – SSSI

All our sites are well-used and much appreciated. Included are all the playgrounds and outdoor gym facilities. During holidays and fine weather all the play areas are extremely well-used and the open spaces are visited by many people out for a walk.

We also own and maintain two community halls which are available for hire.

We have a small grant budget which is applied for by organisations in need of help.

Support is given to the Horndean and Clanfield Food Bank.

The Remembrance Day Service and Carols in the Square are organised and funded by HPC and are both well-attended and appreciated.

The Planning Committee comment on all applications made within the Parish to try to ensure that they are acceptable in design and situation.

We answer numerous queries in a typical week and sign-post residents to contact other organisations when a problem occurs which is outside our remit.

The 15% increase to the precept this year (an increase of £11 per annum on a band D house) has been brought about by:
• A fall in income from the halls due to lockdowns and some clubs and groups conducting their events online not face to face.
• Some groups have failed due to people choosing to spend their monies on necessities rather than entertainment.
• We have seen increases in utility bills and could see more. Most of the services we have to “buy in” have increased significantly in cost.
• A significant spend on repair and replacement due to vandalism.
• A cost during the summer of hiring private security to prevent vandalism

As a Council we feel that all the above are of benefit to each of our residents in one way or another and sometimes even more valuable when times are difficult.

The budget and resulting precept are discussed in public meetings over a period of months. For instance the 23/24 budget was discussed six times. No member of the public attended any of these meetings.

Elections take place on May 4th this year and we are not expecting to have 15 Councillors after that date. Do your bit and get elected (still time if you move quickly) or join the Council by becoming co-opted – the Chief Officer can supply details of how this works and the duties and responsibilities of a member of the Council.

The extension houses the office and countryside team workshop. Both were previously rented. The rents we were paying cover the loan repayments. All staff housed in a suitable building which is owned by the Parish. All the plans and the business case for the project were discussed in public meetings on many occasions.

Footpath Closures

Potential closure of footpaths: Information for residents can be found via the following link below. If any footpaths, including urban paths are not shown, an application needs to be made to Hampshire County Council to hopefully ensure its continuance. The application process can be found by following the link.

What is a Definitive Map?

Each highway authority keeps a Definitive Map and Statement of all public rights of way - the formal legal record of the existence of footpaths, bridleways, restricted byways and byways open to all traffic. In total it offers more than 137,000 miles of public footpath, bridleway and byway providing a level of access admired throughout the world.

Please see the map at the link below with contact details of which authority to report issues to:



Please click on relevant tab to find out more

Please click on relevant tab to find out more