Major Tree Works

The major tree works to remove Ash trees affected by Ash Dieback (Chalara fraxinea) on Catherington Lith is scheduled to start on Thursday 2nd April 2020.  It is estimated that the works will continue for 4-6 weeks.

 Please contact the office should you have any queries on 02392 597766 or email on  


Grant Funding Available - to Community groups supporting people through COVID-19

Community Organisations currently undertaking new initiatives in response to the COVID-19 crisis are welcome to apply.

Please follow the below link for information on eligibility and to complete the application form.

Grant Form and Process



Dear Residents

Following the Government Guidelines in respect of the COVID-19 virus Horndean Parish Council has decided to close the following facilities:

Council Offices:      Closed but will remain operational via telephone and email.

Community Halls:   Closed

Play Areas:            Closed

Car Parks:             Jubilee Field car park is closed although foot traffic onto the field is still available.

Countryside Team

Our Countryside team has some essential tasks which will continue during this time. Only essential duties will be undertaken and other tasks usually performed by the Countryside team will be suspended for the time being.Please would members of the public refrain from approaching them. Should you need to talk to any of them please respectfully maintain a 2metre distance.

Please contact the office if you have any queries on 02392 597766 or


Clanfield Corona Voluntary Group

Dear Residents

Clanfield Corona Voluntary Group is a newly set up group that may be able to assist you with shopping etc. while you are in isolation.

The only currently cover Clanfield, Chalton and Catherington. Please see their leaflet below.

If they are unable to assist please contact us on 02392 597766 or


Jubilee Hall Vandalism

The construction works currently being undertaken adjacent to Jubilee Hall in Horndean is being targeted by a group of approximately 12 -15 youngsters on bicycles, who congregate on Jubilee Field and the neighbouring open space.

Residents have reported that this group aged between 11 – 15 yrs, regularly force entry into the construction compound causing damage to the partially built walls and climbing up on to the roof.

On Tuesday 17 March at 4.30pm the group was seen within the compound throwing large stones at the windows of Jubilee Hall resulting in 3 large windows being broken. This being the third occurrence of such damage.

The Chief Officer attended the site and spoke to 2 members of the group who were openly discussing their ‘exploits’, after an exchange of words the group quickly disbanded.

The ongoing replacement of the windows is costly, and it is unfortunate that the youngsters are oblivious to the fact that the cost of the repairs will be paid from the public purse, to which their parents contribute.

If members of the community have any information or witness any further acts of trespass and criminal damage please could the matter be reported to the police or the parish office – or Tel: 02392597766.

Happy to Chat Initiative

Road Closures



NOTICE is hereby given that not less than seven days from the date of this notice, East Hampshire District Council pursuant to an arrangement entered into under Section 19 of the Local Government Act 2000, with the Council of the County of Hampshire, intend to make an Order under Section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, the effect of which will be to prohibit any vehicle from proceeding along a length of White Dirt Lane, Waterlooville, outside 114 White Dirt Lane.

Pedestrian access and vehicular access to affected properties will be maintained.

The Order is necessary to facilitate essential gas works.

The alternative route for vehicles will be via White Dirt Lane, Southdown Road, Drift Road, Downhouse Road, Catherington Lane and vice versa.

It is expected that the works will last for approximately 3 months or until the works are completed, whichever is the sooner starting on or after the 30 March 2020.

Not withstanding the above, it is expected that the closure will be required for 5 days.

For any queries about the works taking place please call SGN on 08009121700.

Dated this sixth day of March 2020.

East Hampshire District Council

Penns Place

Petersfield GU31 4EX

AQUIND Interconnector






For more information please consult the AQUIND website: 


Please click on relevant tab to find out more

Please click on relevant tab to find out more

Footpath Closures

Potential closure of footpaths: Information for residents can be found via the following link below. If any footpaths, including urban paths are not shown, an application needs to be made to Hampshire County Council to hopefully ensure its continuance. The application process can be found by following the link.

What is a Definitive Map?

Each highway authority keeps a Definitive Map and Statement of all public rights of way - the formal legal record of the existence of footpaths, bridleways, restricted byways and byways open to all traffic. In total it offers more than 137,000 miles of public footpath, bridleway and byway providing a level of access admired throughout the world.

Please see the map at the link below with contact details of which authority to report issues to:



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