Five Heads Recreation - Play Area Proposal

Please can you help?


Last year we submitted an application to EHDC to upgrade  the play area at Five Heads Rec, but sadly this was unsuccessful. This year we are looking to submit a new updated application.


Again, we need your feedback!



Complete upgrade of the entire play area (but not the roped walk). 



The play area was installed during the 90's and is ageing and rapidly approaching the end of its useful life. The play area can be replaced with up-to-date equipment appropriate to the youngsters using it.



The major part of the cost will be applied for out of the Community Infrastructure Levy - Neighbourhood Portion, available in East Hampshire for the provision of Open Spaces Projects. The Parish Council will provide the balance of funding from funds allocated for that purpose. 



Access to open space and play areas is essential to the mental and physical health and well-being of local youth. This is a built up area of Horndean. At a Community level,  such areas assist with place making and providing for a sustainable community.



Please respond to Horndean Parish Council to support and comment on the proposal by 11th March 2022. Proposed designs will be posted when received. The application has to be received by East Hampshire District Council by the 18th March 2022.


Please send any comments you have via email to:  

 Five Heads Recreation Ground Play Area 


Following the removal of the diseased trees afflicted with Ash Dieback on Catherington Lith and Yeolls Copse, Council resolved to leave a few tree stumps and have carvings done to beautify the area.  For Yeolls Copse we were able to secure grant funding from EHDC District Councillor Christopher Hatter.  The carvings at Catherington Lith is funded by South Downs National Park Community Infrastructure Levy.

We contracted a very talented gentleman to do the carvings. Please visit his website for more examples of his work:

Man & His Dog Carvings 

 Please see some pictures below:

Catherington Lith

Below are the first and second carvings to be completed at Catherington Lith.  The website will be updated regularly.

Dragon Wood Carvings

Yeoll's Copse 

Please click on relevant tab to find out more

Please click on relevant tab to find out more

Footpath Closures

Potential closure of footpaths: Information for residents can be found via the following link below. If any footpaths, including urban paths are not shown, an application needs to be made to Hampshire County Council to hopefully ensure its continuance. The application process can be found by following the link.

What is a Definitive Map?

Each highway authority keeps a Definitive Map and Statement of all public rights of way - the formal legal record of the existence of footpaths, bridleways, restricted byways and byways open to all traffic. In total it offers more than 137,000 miles of public footpath, bridleway and byway providing a level of access admired throughout the world.

Please see the map at the link below with contact details of which authority to report issues to:



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