Jubilee Play Area Update


The Parish Council is pleased to announce the tender process is now complete, and we can confirm the successful submission was presented by Sawscapes Play Ltd.

There is a lead time of approximately 8-10 weeks but we aim to have the play area fully functioning towards the latter part of the summer holidays.

The new equipment will replace the decayed timber structure but the creation will utilise the existing mound, therefore the popular layout will remain mostly the same.

In due course the zipwire will also be replaced as a separate project due to its specialist features.

It is extremely unfortunate that the play park which was created and installed in 2017, succumbed quickly to decay and its lifespan fell short of all expectations. However, lessons have been learned and measures put in place to mitigate the likelihood of the same fate reoccurring.

The cost of the project not including the zipwire is £42,795 plus an additional item (Monkey Bars approx, £1-2K) to be confirmed, all funded by:

Parish Council’s reserves
East Hampshire District Council - s106 Developers Contributions - £14,696
Community Infrastructure Levy Neighbourhood Portion - £28,304
District Councillor Community Grants - £237.

The design has been revised in respect of the shelter as per the attached drawing.

New picnic benches have been added to the park for visitors to relax and socialise whilst the children enjoy the activities – District Councillor Community Grants £2,480.

The process of seeking quotations/designs, submission of tenders, evaluation/contract award has been lengthy, and your patience has been greatly appreciated.

We hope that it will be worth the wait providing many hours of family fun.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.


Click here for the Play Area Design 



Revised Shelter Design


Essential works have commenced at Hazleton Common.

Prior Notice

Essential works will shortly commence at Hazleton Common.

Pylons need to be replaced in order to maintain a reliable power supply to the parish.

Unfortunately, whilst disruption will be kept to a minimum the work being undertaken by SSEN is significant.

The site is a designated Local Nature Reserve and therefore the greatest of care will be exercised given the sensitivity of the area.

The planned schedule of work has been approved and will be monitored by an onsite ecologist commissioned by SSEN.

Councillor Vacancy


These vacancies will be filled by co-option at a meeting of the Council.

An application should, in the first instance, be made to the Chief Officer,
Mrs Carla Baverstock-Jones
Horndean Parish Council
Jubilee Hall,
Crouch Lane
P08 9SU
Tel: 02392 597766

Please contact the office for an information pack.

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