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The ‘connect4communities’ programme, funded by the Department for Work and Pensions’ Household Support Fund, aims to ensure that Hampshire families who are struggling financially have access to support for food, energy and water bills.

This support is not only for households who receive benefits but also for anyone on a low income.

The grant criteria for the Household Support Fund stipulates:

· At least 33.3% families with children (33%) and

· At least 33.3% pensioners (33%)


· up to 33.3% on all other types of households such as individuals.


1. Support with Gas, Electric & Water Bills

If fuel and utility bills take up a high proportion of a household’s weekly income, they may be eligible for support and should contact their Local Citizens Advice office.

Local Citizens Advice across Hampshire have been provided funding to offer households with direct financial support to pay gas, water and/or electricity bills, potentially including arrears. The value of any individual funding award will be dependent upon individual circumstances assessed by Citizens Advice.

List of Local Citizens Advice: Local CA offices |

For more information: Support with gas electric and water bills | Children and Families | Hampshire County Council (

1.      Support for Food

Hampshire County Council is allocating the funds available to children and families to offer various forms of support to families who are facing financial hardship and struggling to pay for food and fuel.

These supportive measures will be delivered from early June through a number of local organisations, including schools and education settings, community pantries, Citizens Advice, and district and borough councils.

Families in need of support for food can contact:

· their district council to access the local food voucher schemes,

· their children’s school to access discretionary grants or go to a

· community pantry or

· Foodbanks and other food resources on FISH

Family Information and Services Hub (

· The Easter 2022 was the last holiday meal voucher campaign that was carried out.
There is no longer sufficient Government funding to offer meal vouchers for May half term.
For families that have not received or collected their holiday meal vouchers for Easter 2022 please contact :

2. Food Vouchers

Households that receive Local Council Tax Support Pension Credit Guaranteed Credit and Local Council Tax Support will be entitled to a food voucher that will be distributed by District and Borough councils.

· Pension Credit Guaranteed Credit £65

· Local Council Tax Support £30

Further details will be circulated in due course and will be available on the connect4communities website and Districts and Borough websites.

3. Discretionary Grants – Schools, Colleges and Early Years Settings

Hampshire Schools will be given discretionary grants for families that need support

The grant allocation will be calculated based on the number of pupil places at the setting and will be transferred directly to schools.

4. Community pantries

Community pantries work on the principle of giving those in need the opportunity to have a ‘helping hand’ by getting food at a lower rate on a weekly basis. There are 20 community pantries across Hampshire. They offer a range of fresh, frozen and general foods at a lower cost than at the supermarket, on a weekly basis. Access is by memberships where, for a small weekly contribution, members receive food to a significantly higher value.

Several pantries also organise activities and provide wraparound support services as well as social interaction for those who are isolated

Find a pantry nearest to you: Community pantries - Hampshire | Children and Families | Hampshire County Council (

1. Housing costs

There is also help available for housing costs in exceptional circumstances, where support cannot be met by existing schemes. This is available through Hampshire’s District and Borough Councils.

For more information: Support related to housing and housing costs | Children and Families | Hampshire County Council (

2. Community Grant

Helping community and voluntary organisations provide local support
Community organisations, who know their communities best and are in the ideal position to provide support, can apply for Community grants to support initiatives that help people in need with food and fuel.

Community Grant applications are open from 23rd May to 29th July.
Projects and activities must be implemented by 30 September 2022

For more information contact connect4communities by email at or by visiting the website.




The full offer will be published and maintained on the programme website: As grants will be awarded during the next few months, new projects will continue to be added and the website will be maintained to reflect this.

There is also a connect4communities directory that is maintained on Hampshire Family Information and Services Hub (FISH):
Family Information and Services Hub (

Queries that cannot be answered using the information in this pack should be referred to

Key Contacts

Hampshire County Council Contact Centres

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Childrens Social Care and Health

Childrens Services: 0300 555 1384

Contact Children's Services | Children and Families | Hampshire County Council (


Yasmeen Hayes: (0370 779 5834)

Annie Bird: (01962 846461)

Hayley Maspero: (0370 779 6554)

In an emergency:

Suzanne Smith: (01962 846270)


Citizens Advice Bureau

No longer work out of the Parish Council office.

Please click on the following link for the CAB website.

CAB- Waterlooville Library drop in Times

0344 4111306

Monday: 10am – 2pm

Thursday: 10am – 2pm

Every 2nd & 4th Thursday: 3pm -6pm

Job Centre

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Due to the impact of Coronavirus over 5.5 million people are claiming Universal Credit. Many of them are new to claiming Universal Credit having been negatively impacted by Coronavirus.

Please follow the link below for a guide to claiming Universal Credit.

Universal Credit Guide