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Council Finances

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S106 Generic Funding - Approval

East Hampshire District Council provided a contribution of £2,800 from S106 Developer Contributions towards the cost of the replacement roof at Napier Hall.

Napier Roof Photo 

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

HPC need to publish information annually on the income we receive from EHDC in respect of CIL monies and how we spend them.

CIL Financial Annual Report 2018-19

CIL Financial Annual Report 2019-20

CIL Financial Annual Report 2020-21 

CIL Financial Annual Report 2021-22 

CIL Financial Annual Report 2022-23 

CIL Financial Annual Report 2023-24 



The District Council collects a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) on certain developments including residential developments and retail.

The majority of the levy is spent on major infrastructure projects, however 15% of the amount collected has to be spent in the area where development is taking place, in agreement with the local community. This is referred to as the ‘Neighbourhood Portion’ which can be spent on a wide range of infrastructure providing it meets the criteria to support the development of the area.

Examples of eligible projects:

  • Environmental improvements such as, landscaping, open space improvement
  • Public Art
  • Street furniture
  • Equipment for a community group.

Horndean Parish Council currently has £39,196 available for projects.

The following proposal has been submitted:

  • To plant trees within Catherington Lith and Jubilee Field (£2,000 approx)
  • Horndean Green Trail and Heritage Network Project - (£2,000)
  • Development of Five Heads Recreation Ground Play Area

Please do contact the Parish Office on 02392 597766 or on contact@horndeanpc-hants.gov.uk with any comments which you may wish to make regarding the above proposed projects, and additionally with any ideas about how this funding could be spent.


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