Horndean Twinning Association

Horndean Parish Twinning Association

Horndean Parish Twinning Association was formed in May 1990 to promote and foster friendship and understanding between the people of the Parish of Horndean and those of our twinned town. It does this by organising visits by individuals and groups to and from our twinned town and developing personal contacts to broaden the mutual understanding of the culture, recreational, educational and commercial activities of the linked communities.

The Association raises all the money it spends on its aims and activities from an annual membership fee and from fund raising events including concerts, dances and quizzes.

Horndean was twinned initially with the town of Domfront in France and many trips were made including Blendworth Band playing in concerts as well as school and family exchanges. These continued until 1997 when Domfront announced that the town would no longer be involved in twinning.

While seeking a new town with which to twin we learned that that Aubergenville in Yvelines, France was interested in twinning with a town in Hampshire. We contacted Aubergenville and after identifying many similarities between our towns and aims, an official charter declaring our twinning was signed on 2nd May 1998 in Aubergenville and on 16th May 1998 in Horndean and continues to this day.

Aubergenville is about 25 miles north west of Paris and about two hours by road from Le Havre. Its population is slightly less than Horndean but its size is about the same. Like Horndean it also straddles a Motorway!


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Aubergenville Memorial

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Aubergenville Church

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